Your life is yours. Your story is yours. Your words are yours. But you don't have to go it alone. For as much as you've been asked to do on your own, even if you're an independent, introverted, solitude-lover like me, you don't have to keep going it alone. You need support. We all do. I'm here to help and spread the love of writing as a source of healing and hope for both writers and those who consider themselves "non-writers."

let me lend you a hand so that you can unlock the power of writing in your life

you were never meant to do this alone

 I can help - discover how:

Maybe you feel like you're not getting anywhere when you try to journal for yourself or write for your reader. Maybe you're tired of picking up your pen, facing a blank page, and not knowing what to write. Maybe you've tried to journal before and have a nightstand drawer full of journals you've tried to start but sit mostly empty. Maybe you're ready to learn how to cultivate a daily writing habit that works for you. Maybe you're wanting to take your writing to the next level.

Whether you want to write privately for yourself or publicly for others, I'm here to help you discover how to write in healing, hope-filled ways.


When I talk about journaling, I don't mean writing down all your secrets like in your junior high diary. I'm here to show you how to use journaling as an effective tool for improving your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The Pen & Mend Collective was created to encourage and equip you to write for healing and hope through a private membership experience with an exclusive collection of offerings. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to cultivate a sustainable and healing writing practice in their life. From monthly workshops to weekly prompts, I'm here to guide and support your writing journey.

All my best offerings in one place, for those who want to write personally for healing & hope.

The Pen & Mend Collective


What if journaling could change your life? My personal experience has revealed what research proves: journaling is a tool that can transform your life. Join my live journaling workshops to discover the power of processing on the page in your life. No matter where you are on your healing and writing journey, journaling can be the key that unlocks new paths for your heart, mind, and spirit. 

Join me once a month to journal with me in real-time through a live, guided journaling workshop. 

Monthly Journal Workshops

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As a certified writing coach, I'm here to help you tap into your talents, strengths, and inner-wisdom so that you can move past the blocks standing in your way and make progress in your writing life and toward your writing goals. Whether you're wanting to start a blog or newsletter or working on a book or facing burnout from all the writing things, I'm here to offer you support, accountability, curiosity, and to help you uncover your next right steps so that you can write the words you long to write. Don't write alone.

Get the support you need to help you fully step into your writing life and make progress on your projects.

Coaching for Writers

do you write to share your words with a reader?


"It's not what you write or what you produce as you write that is important. It is what happens to you while you are writing that is important. It is

while you write that is important."

who you become




"It's not what you write or what you produce as you write that is important. It is what happens to you while you are writing that is important. It is
while you write that is important."

who you become



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