writing + creativity can offer healing + hope to anyone—including you

I'm Kristin. I'm here to reach my hand across the table toward yours and say: Life is hard and downright painful sometimes isn't it? You and I both know that this world can hurt our hearts in countless ways and our stories can unfold in unfathomable fashions. I've discovered that writing + creativity can help make the unbearable parts of life not only bearable but also better. I'm here to serve as your host and gentle guide, sharing what I've learned as you seek to use writing as a way of healing + hope in your own life. Whether you consider yourself a writer or non-writer, a creative or non-creative, you're welcome in this space. I'm so glad you're here. 

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If you're looking for writing and creative resources to help you on your healing journey and hold on to hope, I have a variety of offerings and resources for you.

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Discover my journals for lament and perseverance, informed by spiritual wisdom and therapeutic skills, designed to help you write for healing and hope. 

I have free downloadable resources for you in my shop, featuring printables like a journal page template, habit tracker, questions for journaling bookmark, the Pen & Mend manifesto, and more.

Do you want to write for healing and hope? Join my private membership for paid Substack subscribers, featuring exclusive monthly journal prompts, monthly writing rooms, discounted events, opportunities for connection, and more!

Art meets us in wordless places and can offer our hearts hope. Browse my art collection of oil pastel mini paintings and find the original or print to inspire your space.


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