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write for healing & hope

 Maybe you've been hurt, experienced grief of any kind, or suffered at the hands or words of another. Maybe you're seeking to heal from trauma, suffer from chronic discontent, or feel disconnected from yourself, your life, or God. Maybe you struggle with loneliness, indecision, overwhelming emotions, a sense of helplessness, or stuck in spiraling thoughts. 

But you want better for yourself. You want to pursue mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. You want to recover hope and the parts of yourself that have been lost or wounded. And you know there's no quick fix.

The Collective is a safe place to join with other kindred spirits who want to take action and tap into the healing and hope-filled benefits of writing. But this isn't going to be like a typical online community (in fact, there's no Facebook or social media group at all). The Collective honors your private healing journey (perfect for introverts) while also offering you ways to gather and engage with others at a level you're comfortable with (because community matters too).

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The Pen & Mend Collective is for the woman who wants to use writing as a tool for healing and hope in her life.

Did you know research reveals that journaling for 20 minutes 3-5 days a week can notably reduce depression and anxiety and improve your sleep?

it's time for you to write your way to healing + hope
 and tap into the power of writing.

01. Quarterly theme for growth + focus

02. Monthly guided journaling workshop (live on Zoom w/ replays + prompts emailed to you!)

03. Weekly journal prompts (in your inbox)

04. Monthly co-writing space (live on Zoom)

05. Quarterly mentorship meet-up (live on Zoom)

06. Exclusive shop discounts


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With the wisdom and tools you'll gain from workshops, private mentorship conversations, and more, you'll receive opportunities for accountability so that you can create a writing rhythm that works for you. 


Not every type of journaling or writing is healing. In fact, sometimes it's possible to write in a way that can actually harm us. Learn frameworks and strategies inspired by therapeutic and biblical practices to help you write in a way that is transformative and effective. 


If you've ever felt like your voice has been silenced, filtered, dismissed, neglected, or unable to be expressed freely and safely, you'll be able to use writing as a way to recover your voice and find renewal from thoughts and narratives that have held you captive for too long.


If you decide to join the Collective, you'll be empowered to...

“Membership has been a gift that has unlocked writing and reflection as a daily part of my life.

Rachel, Current member

As a Pen & Mend member ... with Kristin's gentle leading, her weekly journaling prompts have moved my brain dump journaling into a regular, consistent practice of reflection that is far more than a brain dump. I've been able to use journaling as an intentional tool for growth and reflection in a way that I never have before. Her prompts are more than a single line prompt that then feels like an assignment, but it's her own writing about the prompt itself, and the different ways that it might look for me, that makes it an invitation to explore through words."


“Thank you for the gift of your time and guidance tonight. It was just what I needed, and I didn’t even realize that I needed it...

- Deborah, current Member

When I feel anxious, I can feel it in my lungs. It’s like there’s a lion sitting on my lungs, and I can’t get a deep breath. I felt that way for a few days. And I don’t anymore, and I didn’t by about half way through our time tonight… I really really appreciated this time.

We believe in the transformative power of writing. We believe we can use our pens to heal what has been tattered and torn in our lives. We believe that writing invites us to bear witness to our stories. We believe that our pens can create new paths and reveal new possibilities. We believe that writing is a restorative practice. We believe that writing can help us come home to ourselves and come alive in the lives we have. We believe in connecting our emotions and experiences as we write to help us process, heal, and grow. We believe that the pages of our journals are like sanctuaries, keeping our sacred stories safe and offering us a safe refuge when we need it most. We believe that what we take out on our pages, we won't take out on our loved ones. We believe that writing is a way we can tend to our souls.

We believe that our fears, sorrows, hopes, and dreams have space to unfold freely on the page. We believe writing can help us move from chaos to clarity and from turmoil to peace. If/when we face the seemingly impossible, feel stuck in indecision, or hear hopelessness harassing us, we believe that writing can set us free and help us find our next right step. We believe that in the darkest times, our pens can point us to the Light. We believe that writing can help us recover our voices, rewrite the narrative of our lives, and restore us to Love. We believe in writing to remind ourselves of our worth. We believe that taking the time to show up and sketch our inky thoughts on the pages is always worth it. We believe that as we write for healing and hope, we become conduits of healing and hope in the hurting world.


WE BELIEVE that writing is a source of healing and hope. We believe our pens can mend the broken parts of our stories and the shattered pieces of our hearts. We believe in treating writing as a sacred, spiritual practice. We believe that writing can help us renew our hearts, minds, and spirits. We believe in approaching the page with honesty, curiosity, and compassion. We believe that writing is a way of listening to life and connecting 
with the Source of life. 


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I'm a bereaved mother, veteran military spouse, journal enthusiast, and writing coach.

I believe writing can offer healing + hope to anyone - including you.

Grief, depression, and anxiety took their toll on me as a bereaved mother and military spouse. I was desperate for relief and for something to change but felt so stuck and alone. In all that was out of my control, I began to focus on what I could control. I sought help and wisdom from safe friends, wise spiritual mentors, and licensed therapists. 

And then I began to write. That was when it all started to change for me. Owning my story, my choices, my emotions, my thoughts, and becoming curious and compassionate about myself and my life through writing brought (and still brings) such healing + hope to my life. I believe you have healing words to write and that you can write your way to hope. 

Pick up your pen with me as we seek to mend the broken pieces of our hearts and lives.

about your host

I'm Kristin.

former english teacher, bereaved mother, veteran military spouse, writing coach, journal mentor, author, enneagram 4W3

...and a compassionate guide and witness to your journey


"It's not what you write or what you produce as you write that is important. It is what happens to you while you are writing that is important. It is
while you write that is important."

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The Pen & Mend Collective is a monthly membership subscription created to offer you inspiration and tools to support you as you seek to write for healing and hope.

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How much does it cost to join the Collective?

When can I join?

Where will the Collective gather and meet?

Membership is currently $17 a month. Payments will be automatically recurring until you pause or cancel your membership. You can pause or cancel at any time. Refunds are not available.

Membership doors will open a few times a year and are currently closed. Please join the waitlist so that you can be notified of when doors open again!

The Collective is not your typical online community that uses a social media website or app to meet. It is a subscription membership to exclusive offerings delivered straight to your inbox. Our scheduled gatherings (journal workshops, writing rooms, meet-ups) are virtual and take place on private Zoom calls.  See our upcoming scheduled sessions for 2023 below (dates/times subject to change). Can't make a session live? No worries! Collective members will have access to guided workshop and mentorship meeting replays to watch at your own convenience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be expected to share what I write?

What do you mean when you talk about writing as a spiritual practice? What faith background is this for?

I don't have much experience journaling. I don't consider myself a writer. Is this collective is for me?

Yes! No prior writing or journaling experience is required to join or to receive the benefits of this collective. All that's required is a willing and interested heart. The Pen and Mend Collective is the perfect place for someone new to the practice or for someone who has been journaling for years (whether on and off or consistently). You'll have access to all sorts of tools and support to help you cultivate a healing writing practice in your life. 

Nope. Not unless you want to. There will be dedicated times and spaces for sharing meaningful words for those who would like to share.

When I refer to writing as spiritual formation or as a spiritual practice, I do so from a Christian faith perspective and this will at times come through within the Collective. However, all faith backgrounds are welcome here. We encourage one another to explore and incorporate spiritual and religious beliefs into our writing and respect one another's beliefs even if we do not agree or align. This collective will be a safe space for every member to express themselves freely as long as to not harm, attack, or shame others.

Will I have any opportunities to receive feedback on my writing?

The short answer: No. You will not receive any formal critique, feedback, or editing on your writing from myself or the other group members. The Collective is focused on writing for personal growth and healing in a safe, judgment free space. I do offer editing and coaching services as a separate offering if you're interested. Please use the contact form to reach out to me with any questions.


shared writing space

journaling workshop


shared writing space

journaling workshop


shared writing space
DEC 5th (TUES) @ 9 am PT / noon ET

DEC 15TH (FRI) @ 9 am / noon ET