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I believe art is story and story is art and that we heal through stories shared in safe spaces. I believe that creativity—whether it's painting or writing—is an active invitation to connect with and become conduits of Hope in a hurting world. 

I'm in my "creative recovery" era. In 2003, I was rejected from art school (that's a story for another time) and suffered creative wounds that led me to dismiss my creative heart. After experiencing the death of my daughter in 2009 and enduring subsequent tragedies and trials, I nearly lost myself. I found my way through the darkness as I engaged in creative practices like journaling, writing, and painting.

In February of this year, I discovered an incredibly sacred, therapeutic flow as I began creating mini abstract paintings using my oil pastels from high school. The practice freed my mind, helped me engage with and listen to my intuition, and offered peace and restoration to my weary-prone spirit.

I hope you find art pieces that speak to you and offer you a sense of contemplative peace and hopefulness. 




- Kristin

I adore mini artwork for so many reasons; however, for those used to displaying traditionally sized art or prints, you might be wondering how to display a mini. I personally think mini paintings are really fun to play with and offer a lot of versatility. 

Display Your Mini Art


1 – For an easy, minimalist feel use a wooden place card holder like the ones below (found on Amazon); these offer you freedom to display any size mini.
2 – For 4 x 4" minis, I'm obsessed with this 8 x 8" brass frame matted to 4 x 4" by Hearth & Hand from Magnolia (currently available at Target). The frame can be displayed on a table top or wall.
3 – You could also use a clip photo frame like the one below which I bought from DaySpring a number of years ago; here is a similar clip frame found at Hobby Lobby.
4 – Another easy and fun way to display any size mini art is to grab some tiny clips and string to make a garland-like display.

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