beautiful journals designed to help you write for healing + hope

created by Kristin Vanderlip

discover journaling as a healing, spiritual practice


The Rest Journal offers you a simple, yet powerful four-part journaling structure that helps you express your thoughts and feelings and write a path through the pain to hope and healing for your life. 

For anyone navigating a season of grief, processing any type of loss( big or small), experiencing a time of darkness marked by depression, sorrow, fear, or even anger and longing to find peace and rest for their weary hearts.

a thoughtfully designed grief journal that combines the therapeutic benefits of writing with the sacred, spiritual practice of lament.

Rest: A Journal for Lament

journal no. 1


The Rise Journal's proven structure will help you wholeheartedly show up to your life, even when it's hard to get out of bed some days. You'll find space to express authentic emotions, practice self-compassion, uncover new perspectives, empower yourself with choices, and rediscover the beauty and goodness in life. 

For anyone navigating life after any type of loss, change, or trauma who is ready to reclaim their life, find resurrection for their spirit and renewal for their mind, and rise again—and needs a little support (don't we all?).

a journal designed to help you persevere and come alive to your life, especially amid struggles + difficulties

Rise: A Journal for Perseverance

journal no. 2