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Deeper Still: Resources for Reading and Reflecting on the book of Job

For those who have known grief, deep pain, loneliness, and despair…

For those who have loved God and felt hurt by God or by the Church…

For anyone looking to find healing words and hope in Scripture (especially when life is hard or feels hopeless)…

I created two FREE resources for you to use anytime you need them (or during the Lenten season).
Inspired by the book of Job, my own experiences, and Corrie Ten Boom’s words, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still,” these are your invitations to process deep pain and encounter God’s deeper love.⁣

For sufferers who have already sacrificed much, who wonder if their pain is their fault for not being good enough or if it’s a punishment for sin… well, the pain that results can be destructive. It can pull us away from the Lord instead of drawing us near.⁣

I’ve found that the book of Job offers us ample and often overlooked insight into all of this, which is why it’s one of my favorites to read through, especially during Lent.⁣

To help you draw near to the Lord and to Hope, even when suffering threatens to separate, hopelessness beckons, and faith feels fragile and messy, here are your 2 FREE resources to download and print today:⁣

Offering #1 // a FREE daily reading plan through the book of Job

Deeper Still: A Daily Reading Plan Through Job will take you through the Old Testament book of Job in 6 weeks. Your PDF file includes the reading plan plus journal pages for note-taking. Use the button below to get your PDF delivered to your inbox now:

Offering #2 // a 6-week reflective scripture study of Job

Text graphic reads: Deeper Still a reflective scripture study through the book of Job // discover the invitations for those in pain

 Deeper Still: A Reflective Scripture Study Through Job⁣ is a 91-pg workbook-style PDF containing a brief overview of Job and thoughtful questions to help you process and reflect on what you read in Job over the course of 6 weeks.⁣

This guide will help you go deep into the book of Job in an approachable yet thought-provoking way. It offers ample space for you to reflect and write as you discover the invitations God offers to those in pain, refine your own theology around suffering, and find rest in God’s sovereignty and love in a non-preachy way.

If you’re looking for a resource to help you draw near to God (especially during Lent) and/or uncover what Scripture has to say about suffering, I hope these help. If you’ve never studied the book of Job before, I hope you’ll start now and find these resources helpful!

Offering #3 // a perfect journal companion for reading Job (and for Lent)

Learn the language of lament and find a safe place to process the cares, concerns, and cries of your heart with Rest: A Journal for Lament