a thoughtfully designed journal to help you persevere and come alive, especially when life is difficult


Rise: A Journal For Perseverance

anxiety, depression,
loneliness, overwhelm, 

The Rise Journal's proven structure will help you wholeheartedly show up to your life, even amid the struggles and difficulties. You'll find space to express authentic emotions, practice self-compassion, uncover new perspectives, empower yourself with choices, and rediscover the beauty and goodness in life. 



Life is full of difficulties, disappointments, and deep grief.  We have nights of deep darkness. But what do we do when the morning comes, light returns, and life still feels messy and hard?

From navigating life after the death of a loved one to a painful marriage season or divorce to experiencing the loneliness of a move or the uncertainty of changing careers, the fabric of our lives gets altered, our hearts grow weary, and we struggle to know how to emerge in light of all the changes and challenges.

There comes a time when you're ready to enter a new day, reclaim your life, find resurrection for your spirit and renewal for your mind, and step forward.

But here's the reality you're facing. You're not ready to just jump out of bed with pep in your step and a smile on your face. 

You know it's time to rise—and you need support. 

This is where Rise: A Journal for Perseverance can help. Keep reading to discover how.

Discover how to rise to the occasion of your life when life holds remnants of hard

a daily journal to support yourself







The Rise Journal is intentionally designed to help you:

empower yourself with choices and REGAIN a sense of agency when life feels out of control

BREAK FREE FROM RUMINATION, find renewal for your mind and spirit, and gain clarity so that you can act in alignment with your values

reconnect with and ground yourself in the beauty and goodness in life

cultivate a daily journal practice using a simple, 4-part framework to support your mental, emotional, and spiritual health

freely express authentic emotions, honest thoughts, and pressing questions in a safe space while practicing self-compassion


the exterior details

  • Hardcover wrapped in quality linen, worthy of holding your sacred innermost thoughts and emotions
  • The cloth cover comes in the color "dawn" (Pantone's color of the year for 2024), a warm, peach color, representing the dawning of the morning sunlight
  • Gold foiling on the cover
  • Soft gold ribbon for easily finding your place (these gold details were chosen to represent the priceless worth and value of your heart held in the pages of your journal)
  • Swiss flat-lay binding offers comfortable writing anywhere, anytime (no awkward closing while you write)
  • At 5.5" x 8.5" this journal fits nicely in your purse, bag, nightstand drawer, or bookshelf

A beautiful and functional addition to your current lifestyle and rhythms.  

beauty meets function

the interior details

  • Crisp white pages 
  • 8 weeks worth of journal entries 
  • Each journal entry appears as a two-page spread, offering a clear 4-part structure with lined space to freely express your thoughts
  • Includes check-in pages as well as special sections: significant dates, a comfort + care plan, memories, quotes + scriptures, and revelations
  • Additional blank, lined pages for personal space + free writing included at the back of the journal
  • 205 pages in total length
A guided journaling experience to help you write for perseverance and rise to the occasion of your life. 

write to heal and anchor in hope

a thoughtful gift

 faith-inspired with
therapeutic techniques

4-part daily journal prompt

A safe space to process your emotions and experiences and practice hope-filled perseverance in a way that doesn't bypass your struggles.

A simple, effective journal structure with prompts to guide you and help you rewire your mind and find renewed hope.

A faith-based Christian journal that combines therapeutic skills (based in CBT/DBT)  to support your emotional and mental well-being.

A perfect way to support a friend or loved one enduring a difficult season or looking to support her mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

"The Rise journal is a lovely guide for processing my emotions.

- natalie hilton

 The encouragement to move towards love stops the negative spiral and gives me freedom to move forward."

what people are saying

“So often, I come to journaling knowing I have stuff to process and get out but then the words just don’t come.

- kendra d.

 In the Rise journal, I am able to better process as I journal through the prompts.  The prompts allow me to acknowledge whatever is happening in real life but also move me through the surrounding feelings and ultimately to higher ground." 

Kristin Vanderlip is passionate about spreading the love of writing as a source of healing and hope. She is an author, writing coach, founder of the Pen & Mend Collective, journaling advocate, and artist. Kristin leads journaling workshops for groups of 5-50 participants and has coached hundreds of writers on using daily journaling.

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This journal can be used by anyone with any amount of journaling experience or success. But I know how some journals we buy can end up collecting dust on our nightstands or sit unused in a drawer. I don't want that to be your experience. Do you feel like you need an outlet for your grief and pain? Then, this journal can help. You can pick it up whenever you need it. If you'd like a bit of support using it:
  • read this article on how to cultivate a successful journaling habit.
  • join my Pen & Mend Collective on Substack.
  • check back for additional resources coming soon.

This journal is written from a Christian faith perspective and does contain references to various scriptures. I hope it meets you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

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