Introducing a thoughtfully designed grief journal that combines the therapeutic benefits of writing with the sacred, spiritual practice of lament.

when life hurts, this journal offers a safe place to release your pain + find rest

Rest: A Journal for Lament

A safe space for processing your pain and finding hope in grief.

A safe space for processing your pain and healing in grief.

With the Rest Journal, you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful four-part journaling structure that helps you express your thoughts and feelings and write a path through the pain to  hope and healing for your life. 



If you’ve endured a heart-breaking event or any type of loss in your life, then you know what it’s like to walk through a dark season—a time marked by sorrow, grief, depression, or even despair.

Maybe you’ve tried to push through the pain silently or pretend it isn't there. You may feel numb, unsure how you’ll ever find hope again.  

Instead of turning away from your pain or searching for someone to "fix" your pain, it's time to honor your experience and listen to what you need.

This is where journaling your laments can help. Rest: A Journal for Lament can help you enter the depths of your experiences during the darkest nights. You can process your pain honestly in a safe place and discover that healing and rest are possible. 

If you feel far from God, this journal offers a practical, no-pretense way of drawing near to Him. Through the powerful process of journaling laments, you’ll learn how to release your unrest and hold on to hope.

Discover hope + healing in hard times through lament.








The Rest Journal is intentionally designed to help you:

REGAIN a sense of control when life feels out of control THROUGH THE ACTION-ORIENTATED NATURE OF JOURNALING

MOVE THROUGH spiritual DISAPPOINTMENT AND FRUSTRATION BY turning toward God through the practice of lament

Discover an easy to use 4-part journaling system that will HELP YOU renew YOUR mind

JOURNAL daily or as needed; this journal can HOLD A season, year, OR lifetime of SACRED laments

MAKE space FOR your painful emotions, process difficult questions, and find rest


A different way of journaling


You need a journal that’s adaptable and addresses your specific feelings of loss.

all types of loss, grief, and difficult situations deserve to be honored 

Whether you’re feeling hopeless, helpless, or spiritually distant with God because you're mourning a death, facing a season of unknowns, or aching from past trauma, the Rest Journal invites you in. 

THIS IS not your typical grief journal for remembrance and not just for the loss of a loved one

appropriate for navigating depression
and anxiety

Most journals offer either blank pages or lists of DIFFERENT questions, but here you'll find a simple yet powerful journaling structure

The Rest Journal is designed to help you process your honest experiences in a way that invites you to pivot your weary heart toward Hope in an authentic way (no forced positivity here).

Like we've already said, this journal is not just for the loss of a loved one (although it’s perfect for that).

You'll be better able to process your thoughts and feelings so that you can move toward rest and hope in the dark moments in life. 

here's what you need to know

the exterior details

  • Hardcover wrapped in quality linen, worthy of holding your sacred thoughts and prayers
  • The cloth cover comes in the color "dusk," a deep bluish-gray color, representing a time of darkness descending while waiting for and seeking the light
  • Gold foiling on the cover
  • Soft gold ribbon for easily finding your place (these gold details were chosen to represent the priceless worth and value of your heart held in the pages of your journal)
  • Swiss flat-lay binding offers comfortable writing anywhere, anytime (no awkward closing while you write)
  • At 5.5" x 8.5" this journal fits nicely in your purse, bag, nightstand drawer, or bookshelf

A beautiful and functional addition to your current lifestyle and rhythms.  

rest journal features

beauty meets function

the interior details

  • Crisp white pages 
  • 8 weeks worth of lament entries (that's space to write 56 laments)
  • Each lament entry offers a clear 4-part structure with lined space to express what you feel, need, and hope along with space to listen
  • Also includes check-in pages as well as remembrance pages with the following sections: significant dates, a comfort + care plan, memories, quotes + scriptures, what I'm learning, and gratitude + provision
  • Plus, a final section of blank, lined pages for personal space + free writing
  • 205 pages in total length
A guided journaling experience to help you endure pain with hope, even in the darkest moments of hopelessness.

write to heal

a thoughtful gift

a roadmap for lament

4-part process

A safe space to discover the healing benefits of writing and lament.

A simple and effective guide to help you know what to write and give your thoughts and emotions a safe space to rest.

A  healing spiritual practice that invites you to be honest while helping you draw near to God when you feel far away.

A perfect way to help a loved one when you don't know what to do.

"It is important to pay attention to our pain. It is important to embrace the way of weeping and wrestling in order to know light and life in the midst and in spite of loss. This journal will help you do just that. Lean into the way of listening and lament—Kristin Vanderlip creates a safe and sure framework for finding hope in the midst of all that hurts."

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Rachel Marie Kang

"Kristin is a gentle guide for anyone who longs to move from brokenness to hope--and to do so with honesty and openness before the Lord. This journal walks readers through a Biblical model of lament and helps to create the spiritual and physical space that's needed for us to be able to reflect and rest in the middle of our painful seasons. This beautiful book would be a thoughtful, tender gift for anyone you love--and for your own heart."

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"Take a load off, draw a deep breath, and settle into Kristin Vanderlip's thoughtful new journal, Rest. In these helpful pages, you'll find the space to feel deeply and the courage to chart your own course through suffering toward hope."

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"I’m not someone who typically journals, but this journal helped me immensely.


 When I felt weighed down by grief—whether from the loss of a loved one, nagging uncertainty, or regret—Lament helped me to name what I was feeling, lay it before the Lord, and remember who He is in the midst of my pain."

“This journal is a constant reminder of God's transformative love and power in our lives. 


When we feel stuck in our weeping and wrestling, Kristin Vanderlip gently guides us to the healing and hope that is always possible when we trust God with our heart's deepest laments. The thoughtful four-step framework and pages for checking in with ourselves make this journal a helpful and safe place to truly find rest during the storms and changing seasons of our lives."

“After using the Rest Journal I was not only inspired to keep journaling, but found the words flowed much easier as time went on.

- sarah frazer,
Proverbs 31 ministries contributing writer

During the time of using the journal our family had gone through a very traumatic experience. It was vital I not keep the feelings of anger, disappointment, hurt, and bitterness stuck in my heart. The way I was able to keep my head above water was journaling. This journal was exactly what I needed to get started. Once I started, the words continued to flow. Kristin's journal helped walk me through several weeks of intense pain. This journal gave me space to express my feelings - even the hard ones."

Kristin Vanderlip is passionate about spreading the love of writing as a source of healing and hope. She is an author, freelance editor, writing coach, and journaling advocate, whose writing has been featured at (in)courage, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and DaySpring.
Kristin leads journaling workshops, hosting anywhere from 5-50 people a session, and has coached hundreds of writers on using daily journaling.

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plus there's more 

Don't miss these additional resources...

When you purchase the Rest Journal, you’ll receive free access to valuable resources to make your journaling time even more effective.

Bonuses include:
  • A video from Kristin leading you through a lament journaling session using your journal
  • A sample journal page filled out to help you get started
  • "Affirmations Ideas" PDF to encourage your soul and help you write to affirm + assure yourself of goodness and truths in the dark
  • "Lament Scriptures" PDF to inspire you in writing your own laments + offering you words when you struggle to find them
  • A Spotify playlist curated with soothing instrumentals to listen to as you journal 

Yours free when you purchase the Rest Journal.


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This journal can be used by anyone with any amount of journaling experience or success. But I know how some journals we buy can end up collecting dust on our nightstands or sit unused in a drawer. I don't want that to be your experience. Do you feel like you need an outlet for your grief and pain? Then, this journal can help. You can pick it up whenever you need it. If you'd like a bit of support using it:
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  • read this article on how to cultivate a successful journaling habit.
  • join my Pen & Mend Collective coming in January 2023.

This journal is inspired by the Christian biblical practice of lament and includes references to various scriptures. However, the Rest Journal can be used whether you feel far from God, question God, or aren't even sure about God. But please do know that this journal invites you to explore your faith in your grief.