Meet with God Daily: 3 Tips for Making Time in Scripture a Successful Habit

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Spending time in God’s Word is a non-negotiable when it comes to nourishing our souls and living anchored through our wavering emotions and life’s always changing circumstances.

Maybe you understand the importance of seeking the Lord through Scripture, but you get stuck on HOW to find success when it comes to making this spiritual practice a daily discipline (which is more of a delight than a duty!). So let’s talk about this.

This post is going to be short, sweet, and extremely practical.

I completely understand all the hindrances and excuses that can come against us to make this seemingly simple practice feel hard to actually accomplish.

A few years ago, a spiritual mentor me taught me something that drastically improved my time in Scripture, and, in turn, this helped me grow spiritually. So I want to share these 3 tips with you.

First, consider this. When we value our relationships and the people in our life, we make them a priority, we schedule time to be with them, we don’t just haphazardly wing relationships that matter—we’re intentional with them. Let this inform our relationship with God and His Word.

These 3 tips are all about being intentional and making a plan!

Here we go…

1. Know WHEN

When are you going to read the Bible? Decide on a time the DAY BEFORE. If you can do this same time every day of the week, great! If you can’t, it’s okay if it changes day to day—just make sure you have your plan of WHEN for each day BEFORE that day starts.

Now that my kids are older and stay in their rooms until 7am, my time in the Word is usually at 6am.

2. Know WHERE

Where are you going to do your Bible reading? Pick a place—and decide WHERE the BEFORE you go meet with God. If you can keep consistent with the same place each day, all the better. Some have a cozy chair in their living room with a favorite blanket. Some prefer a patio chair on their back deck. Some like to meet with the Lord in the pages of His Word in their car while they wait in the car rider line at their child’s school.

When the weather allows, my favorite place to meet with God in His Word is outside on our back deck sitting in our red Adirondack chair.

3. Know WHAT

What are you going to read? Will you be using a Bible study, a daily reading plan, reading through a specific book? Will you read a few verses, one chapter, multiple chapters, jump around? Decide what you’re going to read AHEAD OF TIME!

Deciding and knowing these 3 things will help you be consistent and make this practice a successful habit in your life! You’ll know when to show up, where you’re going to be, and what you’re going to read.

When you plan these 3 things ahead of time, you’ll find more success in making this practice a daily spiritual discipline that nourishes your soul.

What’s your Where, When, What for meeting with God in His Word right now? Share in the comments!

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