Journal Prompts for the New Year

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Ready or not, time marches on and a New Year is upon us in just a matter of days. Whether you’re looking forward to 2023 or feeling a bit of dread, pausing to reflect before you move forward and transition between calendar years can be extremely beneficial… And also overwhelming…⁣

To help, I created a guide of sorts with journal prompts for you to use as the year ends and a new year begins.

Grab these prompts as free downloads in PDF form to print right now so that you don’t forget.

You have two options:

  1. You can get them as a printable workbook of sorts to write directly on.
  2. Print as note cards to use with your own journal.

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          Tips Before You Begin

          (1) pick a time when you won’t feel rushed + when distractions are minimal

          (2) seek solitude + quiet

          (3) start with a centering prayer

          (4) be honest + full of compassion (don’t filter yourself)

          (5) if you struggle with memory, pull out old journals or photos from this year to help you remember + reflect

          Take a Look Back

          1 – What was hard about this year? Name + grieve any pain + losses

          2 – What brought you joy this year? Name + celebrate growth, goodness, provision, overcoming

          3 – What worked for you this year?

          4 – What didn’t work for you this year?

          5 – Where did you see the Lord in your life this year?

          6 – How do you want to remember this year?

          7 – Where do you currently feel stuck?

          Take a Look Ahead

          1 – What pain or grief needs tending to in the new year? List 1 or 2 steps you will take to pursue healing in 2023.

          2 – What do you want for yourself in 2023? Write about any hopes, goals, or dreams you have for 2023. Note the resistance that pops up. What do you want to say back?

          3 – In regards to where you currently feel stuck, list 1 or 2 steps you will take to get unstuck in 2023.

          4 – What is something new or different you want to do or try in the new year? What plans do you need to make now for this to happen in 2023?

          5 – What are your top 3 core values? Use these to write intention statements for 2023.

          Tips Before You Finish

          Take a moment to pause. Quietly reflect on what you’ve just written and processed. Check in with your body and emotions. What are you feeling? What are you thinking?

          Close your eyes, quiet yourself, + listen.

          When you’re ready, pick up your pen one more time. Write a closing prayer or note to yourself in Love. Keep your reflections tucked in your journal for 2023.

          Let me know in the comments if you plan on journaling to reflect and look forward. 👇🏻


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