10 Resources for Advent

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Slow down and draw near to the Lord using one of these resources during Advent, which begins Sunday, November 29, 2020.

This year I’ll be reading through resources 1 and 2 on this list, and last year I read through resource 3.

I’d love to hear what resource you use for observing Advent or your opinions on any of these – leave me a comment.

1. Shadow & Light from Tsh Oxenreider


Hardcover, approx. 7 x 9 in., 160 pgs.

From the Amazon product description:

“From bestselling author Tsh Oxenreider, Shadow and Light is a rich yet approachable experience that invites you to explore the historical meaning of Advent. Drawing from liturgical tradition, Tsh provides fresh insights for new and longtime believers alike. Each day includes Scripture, a reflection, a question, and a simple activity to engage the senses, such as lighting candles, listening to music, and viewing artwork both old and new.”

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2. Come, Let Us Adore Him from Paul David Tripp


Hardcover, approx. 5×8 in., 160 pgs.

From the publisher’s description:

“31 Gospel-Centered Christmas Devotions: Structured like Paul Tripp’s best-selling ‘New Morning Mercies,’ one devotion for every day in December starts with a compelling, gospel-centered thought followed by an extended meditation for the day.”

Purchase on Amazon here

3. Watch for the Light – Collection of Essays


Hardcover, approx. 5 x 7 in., 344 pgs.

From the Amazon description:

“…these fifty devotions invite the reader to contemplate the great themes of Christmas and the significance that the coming of Jesus has for each of us – not only during Advent, but every day. Whether dipped into at leisure or used on a daily basis, Watch for the Light gives the phrase “holiday preparations” new depth and meaning.

Includes writings by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, Sylvia Plath, J. B. Phillips, Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster, Henri Nouwen, Bernard of Clairvaux, Kathleen Norris, Meister Eckhart, St. Thomas Aquinas, Karl Rahner, Isaac Penington, Madeleine L’Engle, Alfred Delp, Loretta Ross-Gotta, William Stringfellow, J. Heinrich Arnold, Edith Stein, Philip Britts, Jane Kenyon, John Howard Yoder, Emmy Arnold, Karl Barth, Oscar Romero, William Willimon, Johann Christoph Arnold, Gail Godwin, Leonardo Boff, G. M. Hopkins, Evelyn Underhill, Dorothy Day, Brennan Manning, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Romano Guardini, Annie Dillard, Martin Luther, St. John Chrysostom, Giovanni Papini, Dorothee Soelle, C. S. Lewis, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Philip Yancey, J. T. Clement, Thomas Merton, Eberhard Arnold, Ernesto Cardenal, T. S. Eliot, John Donne, Gian Carlo Menotti and Jürgen Moltmann.”

Purchase on Amazon here

4. Prepare Him Room Advent Cards from Ruth Chou Simons

From the website description:

Prepare Him Room is 25-day journey where you are invited to set aside time each day to slow down, open God’s Word, and prepare yourself for the arrival of Jesus, our Immanuel. It features seasonal artwork paired with a theme for each day and week, along with a passage of scripture, a short devotional thought, and a question for reflection to encourage you in the Advent season. Contained in this set you will find 30 4×6 cards guiding you through the days of Advent and our four weekly themes:

  • Our Posture
  • God’s Promise
  • Our Response
  • Our Savior

We encourage you to go through this journey at your own pace, reflecting on one card a day starting on December 1 and continuing until Christmas Day; or, alternatively, begin on the first Sunday of Advent, completing 6 cards each week of Advent leading up to Christmas. This journey can be taken on your own, or with your family and friends. Each card contains reproductions of original hand painted, hand lettered watercolor paintings as well as devotional thoughts and questions by Ruth Chou Simons.”

Purchase here

5. Honest Advent from Scott Erickson


Paperback, approx. 5 x 8 in., 224 pgs.

From the Amazon description:

“From celebrated artist-storyteller Scott Erickson: 25 days of heart-stirring images and thought-provoking meditations to rekindle the wonder of God-with-Us in this season. Honest Advent creates a space for you to encounter the Incarnate Christ in unexpected places: like a pregnancy announcement in an era of political unrest and empirical bloodshed, the morning sickness of a Middle Eastern teenager, and the shocking biology of birth that goes far beyond the sanitized brand of Christmas as we know it.

Then, through powerful benedictions, prayers, and questions for honest reflection, you will discover how the wonder of God-with-Us is still happening today: in your unexpected change of plans, your unaccomplished dreams, your overcrowded lodging, your humble stories of new beginnings. In a world that’s difficult to make sense of, and a season that’s so often overtaken by consumerism, find here fresh eyes to see this powerfully sacred story.”

Purchase on Amazom here

6. Remarkable Advent from Shauna Letellier


Paperback, approx. 5 x 8 in., 200 pgs.

From the Amazon description:

“What if we peered through history’s frosted window and felt astonished by Jesus’ birth once again? In Remarkable Advent, Shauna Letellier drapes the fabric of imagination over the framework of Scripture, bringing the Christmas story to life through twenty-five devotional readings.
To retrace the story of Jesus’ birth, each devotional includes:

  • A daily plan for Advent Scripture reading.
  • Captivating storytelling that will engage the whole family.
  • Relevant reflections that connect Jesus’ birth to your extraordinary place in his family.
  • Guided prayer to help you focus on the wonder of Christ.”

Purchase on Amazon here

7. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel An Advent Study from LifeWay Women


Available as a paperback or digital download

From the website description:

“Readers will more fully understand the anticipation and waiting that the Old Testament world endured, the light and life Jesus came to bring us, and the eternal promise that Jesus is yet ushering us into.

This beautiful resource will also include advent activities to help kids, students, and adults celebrate the Christmas season together. This Christmas season, set your focus on the anticipation and joy that only Christ can bring in this study of Advent.


  • Leader helps for group discussion
  • 4 weeks of personal study to be completed between the 5 group sessions
  • Beautiful 4-color interior to enhance the reader’s experience
  • Specific Advent activities for kids, students, and adults


  • Allow a deeper understanding of Advent to fuel your worship of Christ.
  • Understand deeper theological truths of Christmas.
  • Learn more about Jesus and how His coming brings us hope, light, wisdom, and gospel unity.”

Purchase on here

8. She Reads Truth Advent Collection

A message from She Reads Truth:

ADVENT STUDY GUIDE IS SOLD OUT! “If you didn’t order a book yet, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways to join in on the Advent joy! 

1) The reading plan will go live on the She Reads Truth app on 11/29.
2) Share the Advent cheer! Festive card sets, gorgeous 2021 calendars, and cozy sweatshirts make fabulous Christmas gifts. Stock up now!
3) There’s still ONE WAY to get your 2020 Advent book: Sign up for a She Reads Truth Subscription Box before the end of the month! (A $62 value for $20!)”

Purchase options from She Reads Truth here

9. Pointing to the Promise An Advent Study Guide from Proverbs 31 Ministries (First 5 app)


Digital download. Use the First 5 app to join in the study. Begins November 16, 2020.

From the website description:

Pointing to the Promise: An Advent Study Guide serves as your companion book to the daily teaching in the First 5 app. Your Study Guide can be used as a standalone or supplemental study to help you dig deeper into God’s Word every day. The Study Guide Includes:

  • Daily Study Questions to deepen your understanding and application of the Scripture.
  • Beautifully Designed Scripture Pages to help you memorize key scriptures throughout the study.
  • Weekend Reflections and Prayer Prompts to help you prepare your heart for the arrival of the Promised One.”

Purchase from Proverbs 31 here

10. Behold Your God Advent Journey from Summer Joy Gross


Daily audio devotional delivered to your inbox from December 1-16.

From website description:

  • Every morning, December 1-16, receive the gift of a Behold Your God Advent Devotional delivered to your inbox.
  • Click play to listen, or read along, and worship as you listen to Handel’s music.
  • Own the devotional set for life: as long as you own this email address, you’ll be able to listen again and again, not just this Advent, but every Advent afterwards.

Purchase here

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