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This Too Shall Last (A Book Review)

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Today This Too Shall Last: Finding Grace When Suffering Lingers by K.J. Ramsey officially releases into the world, and I am here to finally tell you my personal thoughts! First, I should let you know that I had the privilege and honor of reading an advanced copy last month, and it gave me a lot of thoughts and feelings (how very enneagram 4 of me 😉 ). I’m delighted to share a very abbreviated version of them here for you.

My review:

If you have any experience standing at the intersection of faith and suffering, let me just cut right to the chase and tell you – you need to read This Too Shall Last.

While K.J. writes from the personal perspective of chronic pain, my personal aches manifest more mentally and emotionally as a result of grief (having lost both my child and father) and encountering a decade’s worth of trials and traumas as a military wife. The words in this book have been a holy balm to my aching soul. No matter the type of suffering you’ve experienced or are still experiencing, I fully believe this book will speak to you. This Too Shall Last fills such a long-standing gap in the conversations of suffering and the church/Church. The world, the Church, and our individual hearts desperately need the messages within these pages. The author’s expertise (which comes from her personal experience in suffering as well as from her professional experience in her work as a licensed counselor) transfers a wealth of revelations and scientific and biblical knowledge. K.J.’s writing style is deep and contemplative yet approachable – and quite frankly beautiful. I moved slowly through the opening chapters and with each passing chapter the book I found myself more and more immersed within its pages–so much so that I marked up an entire chapter with yellow highlighter and reread it twice. I am so grateful K.J. wrote this book and did so with such vulnerability and boldness. She led me closer to Jesus and this has made this book a sacred gift to me.

By the way, I can’t NOT share my thoughts about the book without talking about its cover… I mean do you see that tear drop and stain? It is gorgeous…

Be sure to grab yourself some tissues as you read because you’ll likely find yourself shedding cleansing and healing tears as the Lord uses the words in this book to minister to your aches and as you experience His lavish grace upon you.

While I have many favorite passages from this book, I want to share just one with you here:

“I wondered if finding grace when suffering lingers requires moving from hiding to honest, from naked to clothed, from withholding and ashamed in our singular stories of suffering to being held in a shared story of God’s solidarity with our pain.”

K.J. Ramsey, This Too Shall Last

Click here to grab your copy from Amazon.

This is K.J. Ramsey’s debut book, and I sure hope she writes more because I want to read what she’s writing! I highly recommend you follow along with K.J. on Instagram, where she shares honest + beautiful words daily and check out her podcast This Too Shall Last.

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